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Rainbow Health Food Ltd

Food is a Rwandan social enterprise run by a youth entrepreneur, Samuel Uwihanganye who was motivated to both run his own successful business and at the same time tackle malnutrition in vulnerable communities.

Kumwe gave Samuel a concessional loan, a standards certification grant, and our package of wrap-around support. Rainbow produces nutritious, locally produced, porridge which it sells at its optimal profit margin through its female-run outlets and at a low profit margin direct to low-income schools with a flexible payment model that aligns with the school calendars and cashflows.

Pre-primary and primary schools have reported improvements in concentration in class and attendance levels since they started serving this porridge to children.

Kigali Equipment
Rehabilitation Workshop (KREW) Ltd

KREW is a social enterprise producing mobility aids and disability equipment for children and young people. Kumwe has provided them with a concessional loan, interest-free repayable seed capital, and our package of wrap-around support.

KREW sells to schools, clinics, and organisations supporting people with disabilities at affordable prices using locally produced, high quality equipment.

One of the only producers of local disability aids in the country, KREW’s impact includes improvement of children’s physical mobility; increased engagement in play; increased attendance in school and more frequent access to health services.

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